Does Coffee Creamer Need to be Refrigerated?

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What is better than having a cup of coffee in the mornings? And who doesn’t love coffee creamers? But what is a coffee creamer? And does coffee creamer needs to be refrigerated? A coffee creamer is a liquid or powder added to coffee or tea instead of milk. 

It’s dairy-free and contains sugar, substitute oil, and thickeners. Coffee creamers are popular because they last longer than regular milk and are ready to use. Stir the additive into your coffee or tea. 

If you want powdered creamer for your iced coffee, keep it in the fridge and whisk it before each use. 

Coffee creamers are often flavoured and sweetened with vanilla, caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, pumpkin spice or almond. Try different flavours to see how they taste. Liquid and powdered creamers make it easy to enjoy coffee-shop-quality coffee at home. 

Do Coffee Creamers Need to Be Refrigerated?

Since coffee creamer packages are already sealed and ultra-pasteurized, keeping them in the fridge is best to prevent germs from growing. 

The contents have been exposed to high temperatures to drop harmful microorganisms. Coffee creamers must only be kept in the fridge if the lid has broken and the creamer is still in the container.

Creamers made from dairy need refrigeration to preserve their flavour and quality. The refrigeration needs of coffee creamers vary depending on their specific characteristics.

How long can Coffee Creamer sit out?

The coffee creamer can remain unrefrigerated for 2 hours, irrespective of its dairy ingredients. Hence, dairy and nondairy coffee creamers should stay at room temperature for up to two hours. Also, liquid coffee creamer should be kept at room temperature for up to 2 hours.

In contrast, the dry coffee creamer can remain unrefrigerated for up to 1 to 2 years due to its absence of moisture.

It is not advisable to leave nondairy coffee creamer out instead of refrigerating it to prevent potential risks. Nondairy creamers must be stored at room temperature overnight but refrigerated. But the best way to keep them fresh is to put them in the fridge for a shorter time.

Individual coffee creamers don’t need to be refrigerated because their package keeps out air and keeps them fresh for up to six months. This makes them suitable because germs or the environment can’t hurt them. This means they can be kept at room temperature.

In the future, there will be a lot of different coffee drinks that don’t have to be kept cold. That generally refers to the powdered variations. To keep them from getting dirty or growing germs, they must be kept clean and dry.

How long can Coffee Creamer sit out
How long can Coffee Creamer sit out

What Happens if You Don’t Refrigerate Coffee Creamer?

Suppose you don’t refrigerate the coffee creamer and leave it at room temperature for longer. In that case, it can cause the coffee creamer to spoil, resulting in bad taste, harmful bacteria, and a thin and thin and watery consistency. 

Because of this, a coffee creamer that has yet to be kept in the fridge should always be thrown away and replaced with a new bottle.

How Long Can You Keep Unrefrigerated Coffee Creamer?

In the case of liquid dairy coffee creamer, it can last for 7 to 10 days while keeping it unrefrigerated. Yet, checking the packaging before taking any steps is always good. Guarantee you only let it sit at room temperature for a short time. 

It might hamper the whole test and the freshness of the liquid coffee creamer. So, it can be suggested that you don’t keep the coffee creamer unrefrigerated for longer.

Does Unopened Coffee Creamer Need to be Refrigerated?

Coffee creamers should be refrigerated, whether opened or unopened. This should be done to avoid any spoilage or leakage. Further, keeping the coffee creamer cool and dry will help it stay until the expiry date. This is why unopened coffee creamers need to be refrigerated.

How to Store Coffee Creamer Properly?

They should be kept in a fridge with the original packaging to store liquid coffee creamers. Moreover, if unopened, it will last for months; if opened, it can last for up to 2 weeks or 4 to 6 months in a refrigerator. 

But this means you must defrost all the coffee creamer at once. So, storing powdered coffee creamer must ensure the container is airtight and stored in a dry and cool place. Further, it will last for up to 2 years if kept nicely.

How to Tell if Coffee Creamer Has Gone Bad?

Suppose the coffee creamer has become lumpy or seems like curdling milk. Then this is one of the significant signs for you to understand that a coffee creamer has gone wrong and should be tossed into the trash. 

Moreover, if you find lumps and see that the creamer has a changed texture, this can be a significant sign of spoilage of the creamer or bacterial growth

Also, if you want to know how good the coffee creamer is, you can smell it. If it smells rotten or sour, you should get rid of it. 

How to Tell if Coffee Creamer Has Gone Bad?
How to Tell if Coffee Creamer Has Gone Bad?

Do Nondairy Creamers Need to be Refrigerated?

Keeping nondairy creamers in the refrigerator is essential if you have opened the container. Even if you have not opened the creamer, keep the container in a refrigerator. 

To slow down the development of bacteria while helping the creamer to last long. Moreover, this is also one of the best food safety and protection practices. Keep dairy and nondairy creamers in the refrigerator after using them.

How to Store Nondairy Creamers?

Seal the container tightly after using the creamer to store nondairy coffee creamers. This will ensure a longer shelf life for nondairy powdered creamers. You could say that nondairy creamers don’t go bad, but if they aren’t kept, their quality might decrease after six months or more.

Do Flavoured Creamers Need to be Refrigerated?

Absolutely yes! Flavoured creams must also be refrigerated and left out for only two hours. This is because bad germs can grow at higher temperatures, which could change the way the coffee creamer tastes and feels.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Bailey’s coffee creamer need to be refrigerated?

Ans: Yes, Bailey’s coffee creamer needs to be refrigerated. In this case, it is best to keep the bottle of Baileys away from direct sunlight and the reach of children. 

This is because a temperature above 77° Fahrenheit can change its consistency, which might make it not good in the long run. 

2. Does silk coffee creamer need to be refrigerated?

Ans: As soon as the silk coffee creamer has been opened, the contents should be consumed within a few days, and they are not required to be refrigerated until they are opened. 

They will remain fresh until the expiry date mentioned on the package. But, once the silk coffee creamer has been opened, it must be refrigerated or consumed within 10 to 12 days.

3. Does coffee mate need to be refrigerated?

Ans: No, coffee mate does not need to be refrigerated and can be used without refrigeration. Also, you don’t have to keep coffee mate in the fridge because the little containers of coffee creamer have been ultra-pasteurized and sealed. That means they don’t need to be refrigerated.

4. Can you leave coffee creamer out all day?

Ans: No, coffee creamer cannot be left out all day. Coffee creamers can also be left out for at least two hours, regardless of their dairy content. This is because harmful bacteria may develop at higher temperatures, which might hamper the taste and texture of the coffee creamer. 

Thus, it is evident that you cannot leave coffee creamer out all day, or else it will be hampered, and you will not be able to consume it by any chance.

5. Does international delight coffee creamer need to be refrigerated?

Ans: Yes, international delight coffee creamer must be refrigerated and kept in the refrigerator for up to two hours. If not kept in a fridge, the international delight coffee creamer might start to rot. 

If consumed, it might lead to food-borne diseases among the people. So, it is always recommended to refrigerate the international delight coffee creamer. But coffee and creamer packages that haven’t been opened don’t need to be cooled. They’re usually packaged in a way that keeps them fresh and doesn’t hurt the environment. This helps the coffee creamer last longer.

6. Does coffee mate liquid creamer need to be refrigerated?

Ans: No, the coffee mate liquid cream does not need to be refrigerated. This makes it the number one choice in coffee creamer due to its storage, safety, and simplicity. 

It is also recommended for refrigeration, but even if not refrigerated, it will not spoil due to its sustainable shelf stability.


So, does coffee creamer needs to be refrigerated? The conclusion is that coffee creamers, whether powder or liquid, must be kept in the fridge. So that germs or other dangerous things don’t grow in them. 

By now, you might have understood how important it is to keep the coffee creamers refrigerated. Select the right coffee creamer for you, and you will be perfect.

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