Does Starbucks have Boba? Uncovering the Mystery 2023

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Does Starbucks have Boba? It’s a question that has been on the lips of many coffee lovers. While boba, also known as bubble tea, is traditionally associated with Asian cuisine, it has grown increasingly popular in other parts of the world in recent years.

In this article, we explore whether Starbucks does indeed offer boba and why you should give it a try!

What is Boba?

Boba, also known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a popular Taiwanese drink that has recently gaining worldwide popularity. It is typically made with a base of tea, milk, and sugar mixed with tapioca pearls or other toppings. The tapioca pearls are small, chewy balls with a unique texture and are often added to the drink to give it a fun and playful feel.

Boba drinks come in various flavors, from traditional green and black tea to fruity flavors like strawberry and mango. Many boba shops also offer customizable options, allowing customers to choose their tea base, milk type, sweetness level, and toppings.

One of the defining characteristics of Boba is its unique texture. The tapioca pearls have a chewy, almost gummy-like texture, which some people describe as similar to soft candy. This texture, combined with the refreshing taste of the tea and milk, has made Boba a popular choice for people looking for a fun and satisfying drink.

Does Starbucks Have Boba?

Starbucks does not currently have Boba on its menu in most locations, though they have previously experimented with offering it in select markets. The decision to offer Boba depends on various factors, including customer demand, supply chain considerations, and competition from other coffee shops and boba stores.

Starbucks has offered a limited selection of boba drinks in some locations as part of their Reserve Bar concept, focusing on premium coffee and tea offerings. These drinks typically feature high-quality tea bases and unique flavor combinations and are made with Starbucks’ signature attention to detail and quality.

However, for the most part, Starbucks does not have Boba on its regular menu, and customers looking for Boba will need to visit a dedicated boba shop or seek out other coffee shops that offer the drink.

It’s worth noting that Starbucks offers various other milk tea drinks and tea lattes on their menu, such as the London Fog Tea Latte and the Chai Tea Latte, which may appeal to boba lovers looking for a similar flavor profile.

Additionally, many Starbucks locations offer customizable drinks, so customers can experiment with adding different toppings and flavors to their favorite tea or coffee beverages.

Does Starbucks have to pop Boba?

Does Starbucks sell boba tea?

Starbucks does not sell traditional boba tea with tapioca pearls in most locations. However, according to a Business Insider article from 2019, Starbucks was testing its variation of tea and coffee boba drinks in select markets. These drinks featured coffee pearls and were available in the Iced Chai Tea Latte and the classic Starbucks Cold Brew.

It’s important to note that this test was limited to certain markets, and it’s unclear if Starbucks plans to expand this offering to other locations or make it a permanent part of its menu.

Due to supply chain considerations, They hesitate to embrace the boba trend fully. Sourcing high-quality tapioca pearls can be challenging, and the demand for Boba may fluctuate. Additionally, They traditionally focused on coffee rather than tea, so it may be a strategic decision to stick with its core offerings rather than try to compete in the crowded boba market.

However, Starbucks offers a variety of other tea and milk-based drinks on their menu that may appeal to boba lovers looking for a similar flavor profile. For example, the London Fog Tea Latte, made with Earl Grey tea, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk, offers a creamy and satisfying drink experience that may appeal to those who enjoy boba tea. Customers can customize their drinks with different milk types, syrups, and toppings to create unique flavor combinations.

Does Starbucks have to pop Boba?

Starbucks has experimented with popping Boba in select markets, but it is not a regular menu item in most locations. Popping Boba, which are small, flavored balls that burst in the mouth, can be added to some of Starbucks’ tea and coffee drinks as a customizable option in certain markets. 

It’s important to note that the availability of popping Boba and other customizations may vary by location and market. Additionally, Starbucks regularly updates its menu offerings, so popping Boba or other unique toppings could be added based on customer demand and market trends.

How to order Boba at Starbucks?

While traditional boba tea with tapioca pearls is not a regular menu item at most Starbucks locations, customers can customize their drinks with other add-ins, such as popping Boba in some markets. To order a drink with popping Boba at Starbucks, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a drink: Start by selecting a tea or coffee beverage from the menu to which you would like to add popping Boba. Remember that not all Starbucks locations offer to pop Boba, so it’s best to check with your local store first to see if this customization is available.
  2. Specify the customization: Once you have selected your drink, let the barista know you want to add popping Boba. You can specify the flavor of popping Boba you would like if multiple options are available.
  3. Pay for your drink: Once you have placed your order and specified the customization, pay for your drink as you normally would at Starbucks.
  4. Your drink will be prepared with the popping Boba added. Stir or shake the drink to mix in the popping Boba, and enjoy your customized beverage.

Where Can I Find Starbucks’ Boba Drinks?

There are 2 methods you can use to find out where to get Boba. 

  • Using the Store Locator Tool Online

To find Starbucks’ boba drinks using the store locator tool online, follow these steps:

  • Go to Starbucks’ website at
  • The “Find a Store” button is located at the top of the page.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon after entering your zip code, city, or state in the search bar.
  • A list of Starbucks locations in your area will appear. You can refine your search by selecting the “Filter” button and checking the “Boba” box under “Teavana Tea Bar” in the “Store Amenities” section.
  • Click on a location for more details, such as the store’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and available menu items, including any boba drinks.


  • Calling Individual Stores Directly

Another way to find Starbucks’ boba drinks is by calling individual stores directly. If you are looking for Starbucks store numbers in your area, you can use the store locator tool on the Starbucks website or search for Starbucks using a search engine.

Once you have the phone number, you can ask if they offer boba drinks on their menu. Remember that not all Starbucks locations offer boba drinks, so it may take a few calls to find one that does.

Does Starbucks Have Boba?


In conclusion, Starbucks’ boba drinks have become increasingly popular among customers who enjoy a unique twist on their favorite coffee beverages. In select locations across the United States and Canada, Starbucks has added boba drinks to its menu in response to growing demand.

Customers interested in trying Starbucks’ boba drinks can easily find them using the store locator tool on Starbucks’ website or by calling individual stores directly. Availability may vary by location, so customers should check with their local store before making a special trip.

Starbucks’ boba drinks offer a fun and flavorful way to enjoy your favorite coffee beverages. Whether you’re a fan of iced coffee, tea, or Frappuccinos, adding Boba can be a delightful and satisfying addition to your drink.


Q1. What is Boba made of?

Ans: Boba, also known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a popular Taiwanese tea-based drink that typically contains a base of tea, milk, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls. The tapioca pearls, also called Boba, are made from cassava starch and have a chewy texture. Some boba drinks may contain additional ingredients like fruit syrups, flavored powders, or other toppings like jelly or pudding.

Q2. Is Boba available at Starbucks?

Ans: In the US and Canada, Starbucks does indeed sell boba drinks in a few specific locations. However, since availability varies by location, it’s advised to use the online store locator or to give the nearest Starbucks a call to double-check whether they provide boba drinks.

Q3. Does Starbucks offer any signature drinks with tapioca pearls?

Ans: Starbucks offers a few specialty beverages that contain “boba,” or tapioca pearls. These beverages include the Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino with Boba, the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte with Coconut Milk and Boba, and the Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink with Coconut Milk and Boba. It’s important to remember that the accessibility of these beverages may differ depending on location.

Q4. Are there variations of the boba drink available at Starbucks?

Ans: Yes, Starbucks has a variety of boba drink options. Customers can alter the sweetness of their drinks, add syrups or toppings, and choose from a variety of milk options. They occasionally releases seasonal drinks with a short shelf life that include Boba and other unusual ingredients.

Q5. Are there any health benefits associated with consuming Boba?

Ans: The main component of boba drinks, tapioca pearls, is a source of carbohydrates and has trace amounts of vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron. However, because sweeteners and flavorings are often added, boba drinks are frequently high in sugar and calories. Therefore, it’s crucial to consume boba drinks in moderation and to be aware of the added calories and sugars. Additionally, due to the high starch content of the tapioca pearls, some people may experience digestive discomfort after consuming Boba.

Q6. How much does a boba drink cost at Starbucks?

Ans: Depending on the size and location, boba drinks at Starbucks can cost different amounts. A tall (12 oz) boba beverage from Starbucks typically costs between $4 and $5. However, prices for larger servings or specialty drinks might be higher. It’s best to call your local Starbucks to inquire about prices in detail.

Q7. Does the availability of boba drinks at Starbucks vary by location?

Ans: Yes, the availability of boba drinks at Starbucks can vary by location. Some locations may offer a wider variety of boba drinks, while others may not. It is best to check with your local store or use the online store locator tool to see if boba drinks are available at a specific location.

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