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Hot chocolate is a high-quality beverage for the winter season. Nothing makes you feel as good as a hot cup of something delicious and chocolatey. So, how much is a hot chocolate at Starbucks? 

Even though making hot chocolate at home is possible, getting a cup of coffee from a favourite coffee shop can be more fun.

You can buy Hot Cocoa in regular or tall sizes from a physical store or an online platform. You can also get the chocolate in small, medium, or large sizes. On average, You can expect to spend $8.15 for a standard serving of hot cocoa. Going for a cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks could cost you less than buying a big cup of coffee from a coffee bar with fancy drinks.

A single cup of Starbucks hot chocolate, which is 16 oz in size, has a caffeine content of 25 milligrams. At the same time, the consumption of a single part (12 oz) of Starbucks’ Hot Chocolate (Tall) totals 320 calories. 

Drinking hot chocolate made with cocoa powder produces a reduced amount of caffeine. What is the cost of hot chocolate at Starbucks?

How much is hot chocolate at Starbucks?

At Starbucks, the cost of a grande-size hot chocolate cup is 3.25 dollars, a venti is 3.95 dollars, and a tall size is 2.75 dollars. Here are some ways to satisfy your craving for hot chocolate without spending too much money.

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, you can get a free cup of hot chocolate on your birthday. Starbucks sometimes has deals where you can get a free serving of hot chocolate if you buy a drink. Be careful and keep an eye out for them.

As Christmas approaches, Starbucks members can expect special deals and perks. You can get rewards by scanning your Starbucks number with the Starbucks app. 

For every dollar spent, you will earn a single Star. You can get 1 Star for every $1 spent when you add a payment source and use the app to buy things. Add Starbucks coffee, chocolate, and whipped cream to your hot cocoa as a tasty extra. It is perfect for the challenging winter days wherein going outside is difficult.

Does Starbucks’ hot chocolate contain dairy?

Starbucks serves hot chocolate, including dairy, such as milk or cream. The standard features for the beverage comprise dairy products such as whipped cream and whole milk, used as toppings. Customers can order their drink without dairy by requesting non-dairy milk, such as soy or almond milk, substituted in its preparation.

There are many things to consider when trying to figure out if Starbucks’ hot chocolate has cheese. 

Starbucks’ hot chocolate is made in different ways at different locations. Some use cocoa powder, while others use chocolate syrup. Also, customers can customise their drinks by choosing their favourite kinds of milk and toppings.

Starbucks has a few options that don’t use dairy, like toppings made with almond milk or coconut whipped cream used instead of whipped cream.

It’s essential to acknowledge that even though the beverage may contain non-dairy milk and toppings. Cross-contamination with dairy may occur during manufacturing; hence, individuals with severe allergies must be careful.

People who can’t handle lactose or who eat a vegan diet. They should know that Starbucks’ hot chocolate mix could contain whey or milk powder, which comes from milk. 

Before you order, it’s essential to check with the barista. Look at the ingredients list to ensure the hot chocolate mix fits your dietary needs.

Does Starbucks' hot chocolate contain dairy?
Does Starbucks’ hot chocolate contain dairy?

How much is Grande hot chocolate at Starbucks?

If you want a Grande cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream, you may have to pay around $4.30. But the price may change depending on where your nearest store is. If you choose to have plain hot chocolate, the price of a Grande size will amount to $3.25.

If you come across the limited edition peppermint hot chocolate during the festive season, you must shell out $4.15 for a grande. If you bring your child, you can buy a smaller cup for kids priced at $2.85 if you bring your child. 

Now toasted white hot chocolate, which costs between $4.25 and $4.65 for a Grande size at different shops, is a popular drink.

How much is a tall hot chocolate at Starbucks?

The smallest coffee available on Starbucks’s regular menu is known as Tall and holds 12 fluid ounces. For a tall size at Starbucks, you must spend $2.75 for a warm cup of hot chocolate.

If you don’t request a more shot, tall espresso drinks such as lattes, mochas, or macchiatos contain the same caffeine as short drinks. 

But they have more milk or other non-caffeinated drinks added to them. A standard six-ounce coffee cup is only half the size of a tall serving. 

How much is venti hot chocolate at Starbucks?

Starbucks will charge you $3.95 for a venti-sized cup of hot chocolate. The Starbucks venti comes in two types: a hot venti that measures 20 ounces, equal to over 3 cups of six-ounce coffee, and a cold venti that measures 24 ounces. 

Venti-sized cold drinks are bigger than Venti-sized hot drinks because they come with ice by default. This gives you the same drink as the hot version plus more room for ice without paying for less drink with added ice. 

If you want more espresso shots in your hot venti espresso, you have to ask for them. It only has two shots by default, but the cold one already has three. 

How much is a small hot chocolate at Starbucks?

You can buy a hot chocolate that is small for $2.85. One can buy this drink at a reasonable cost at Starbucks.

How much is large hot chocolate at Starbucks?

Starbucks’ large hot chocolate will cost you $3.95 and $2.75 for the smallest size, $3.25 for a medium size. Nonetheless, some tactics exist to indulge in a hot chocolate beverage at a reduced cost. 

This can be adjusted when you buy them on special offers from Starbucks!

How much is large hot chocolate at Starbucks?
How much is large hot chocolate at Starbucks?

How much is a bar of white hot chocolate at Starbucks?

Suppose you desire to become familiarised with Starbucks’ white hot chocolate. In that case, it is a tasty and smooth treat made of white chocolate mocha sauce mixed with hot milk and topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder. 

The prices for various product sizes are as follows:

  • A miniature one costs $3.45.
  • For a tall size, it is $3.95.
  • For a grand size, it is $4.45.
  • For a venti size, it is $4.95.

The majority of Starbucks coffee in the United States falls between the prices of $4.25 and $4.65. If you opt for a bigger size, there will be a slight increase in cost. Yet, rest guaranteed that you’ll have enough funds to buy ideal presents for everyone on your checklist who loves to have this unique beverage.

How much is peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks?

A slight peppermint-flavoured hot cocoa at Starbucks comprises a small part of warm chocolate blended with a hint of espresso. After that, the beverage is decorated with a layer of frothy cream and a dash of crushed peppermint. 

This seasonal beverage has a short availability window and is a favoured selection among customers. The small-size option costs roughly $3.00, while the larger option costs approximately $4.00.

The shop offers hot cocoa in two sizes, regular and tall. For a grande-sized Peppermint Hot White Chocolate, you would pay $3.45. Yet, the smaller venti, tall, or kid’s sizes are available at a more affordable price of $2.85. Hot cocoa beverages with everyday ingredients range from $7.95 to $8.25. 

You can buy a Starbucks hot chocolate for a price that is less than 50% of what you would pay for a large coffee at a speciality coffee place. 

The Gingerbread Hot Chocolate also enjoys excellent vogue. There are tastes like frappuccinos, iced tea, and holiday-themed drinks available only during certain times of the year.

At Starbucks, you can find a range of options in flavour and size for your hot chocolate beverage. The size of hot chocolate plays a vital role in deciding its price. 

The cost of peppermint hot chocolate can differ based on its size, type of order, and the flavour chosen. You can enjoy Starbucks’ salted caramel hot chocolate anytime, as it is available for buy throughout the year for $5.89.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Starbucks hot chocolate have caffeine in it?

Ans: The grande size cup of Starbucks’ hot chocolate contains around 25 milligrams of caffeine. This quantity of caffeine is mild compared to coffee or energy drinks with higher caffeine levels.

Also, some people add an espresso shot to their hot chocolate drink to make it taste like a mocha and give them more energy from the caffeine. 

If you plan on incorporating espresso into your hot chocolate, remember that doing so will result in a higher level of caffeine in the beverage.

Does Starbucks hot chocolate have dairy?

Ans: Those who enjoy Starbucks’ hot chocolate may be curious whether it contains dairy. Yes, Starbucks hot chocolate does have dairy in it, so the answer to that question is yes. Still, there exist options without dairy too. There are non-dairy milk options, include almond, coconut, and soy milk.

How much does a cup of hot cocoa cost?

Ans: In the UK, customers of Starbucks are required to pay £2.50 for a regular hot cocoa and £3.00 for a vanilla spiced variety. Unlike some other European countries, the prices are $2.60 and $3.20 in Switzerland and Austria. 

In the United States, one can buy a tall serving of hot chocolate for around $3.45. The price of hot chocolate in the United Kingdom is 20 times higher than in the United States. This is because of many reasons.

Is peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks gluten-free?

Ans: The Peppermint Hot Chocolate available at Starbucks does not cater to a gluten-free diet. The drink comprises gluten-contaminated ingredients like mocha sauce, peppermint syrup, and steamed milk, all wheat-based.

Is Starbucks hot chocolate real chocolate?

Ans: Starbucks does serve original hot chocolate. It is a delicious drink made from natural cocoa, milk, and a sweetener. To make it even more delicious, it is topped with whipped cream and pieces of chocolate.

Is the Starbucks white hot chocolate seasonal?

Ans: Starbucks offers a tasty and kind winter beverage known as white hot chocolate, which is ideal for chilly days. Crafted using milk and white chocolate, this beverage will satisfy your craving for something sweet. The drink is supposed to be only available during a specific time of the year. But it is available at Starbucks throughout the year!


It is certain that the question ‘How Much is Hot Chocolate at Starbucks?’ has been addressed and answered in this blog. Additionally, it has been made clear that the amount charged for hot chocolate depends on the selected size. 

Starbucks offers an assortment of hot chocolate beverages in various sizes, including tall, small, venti, and grande. These beverages cater to your desire for a hot and cocoa-based drink.

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