How to Descale Breville Espresso Machine?

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Almost all coffee lovers have a Breville espresso machine in their home to brew coffee with quality beans at home. But, they often do not spend time for cleaning the espresso machine. It makes the machine not run smoothly and effectively in the long run. In addition, it changes the taste of the espresso.

Descaling the Breville espresso machine is the best way to avoid these troubles. Are you worried about how to descale breville espresso machine? Keep reading to get more information about descaling the espresso machine. 

What you’ll need to descale breville espresso machine?

Descaling your espresso machine is vital to proper maintenance and care. It removes Limescale from the boilers and plumbing of the machine. It also eliminates the coffee grounds from different parts of the machine.

Descaling your machine regularly will help you get tasty coffee every time and extend the machine’s life. When you decide to descale your espresso machine, ensure you have the following tools and materials. It helps clean the machine properly, and enjoys every cup of coffee

  • Descaling solution

Descaling solution is vital for descaling any espresso machine. You can prepare your own descaling solution by mixing vinegar and water. Or, purchase the descaler specially formulated for your coffee maker. It is more effective at removing Limescale and coffee residues from the machine and extending the coffee maker’s lifespan. 

  • Water

Water plays a major role in cleaning the espresso machine. Always use fresh water to descale the machine. Make sure you have plenty of water to repeat the cleaning process several times.

  • Cleaning Brush

A high-quality cleaning brush is highly important to descale the machine because it helps remove coffee ground residue without damaging the blades. It helps maintain the expensive coffee equipment and enjoys the best flavor of the coffee. Additionally, the cleaning brush makes cleaning any type of grinder easy and quick.

  • Cleaning tablet

Purchase the quality cleaning tablet for the espresso machine either online or offline. It helps remove the coffee residue and oils from the machine group heads, lines, and valves. It is a convenient way to use the controlled dose to clean the machine and remove coffee oils, stains, and grounds completely. Finally, it enhances the aroma and flavor of express after cleaning the machine.

  • Soft cloth

Ultra soft and non-abrasive cleaning cloth will not scratch the espresso machine components and surfaces. It cleans the machine inside and outside effectively. You can use it for cleaning purposes with or without liquid cleaners as you wish. This cloth is washable, and thus you can rinse and reuse it many times. It helps remove all the coffee grounds residues and Limescale in the coffee machine.

Step-by-step guide on how to descale the Breville espresso machine

Once you have everything mentioned above, you can follow these steps carefully to describe the Breville espresso machine properly and quickly. 

Step-by-step guide on how to descale the Breville espresso machine

Step 1: Preparing the machine for descaling

One of the wonderful features of the Breville espresso machine is that it lets you know when the descaling is required. The method of alert differs based on the model you have. For instance, some models have a light indicating the cleaning required, while others have flashing buttons. Once you get the descaling warning, you should prepare your machine for descaling.

If your machine has no descale indicator, check its performance, taste, brewing time, and sound. A slight change in these elements indicates the descaling. Turn on the machine and let it heat to its normal operating pressure. Then, discharge water from your machine water tank. 

Step 2: Mixing the descaling solution with water

Next, prepare the descaling solution by mixing water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Or, purchase the commercial descaling solution and dilute it with water according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Besides, you can even utilize powdered citric acid mixed with fresh water. All these options are highly helpful in cleaning the machine. But select the right one suitable for your needs and budget. 

Pour the descaling solution into the water tank up to the maximum line. Place the empty container under the group and steam the wand to collect waste water. Make sure the drip tray is empty. Also, keep the absorbent towel nearby to get the descale solution overflow. 

Step 3: Running the descaling cycle on the machine

Before starting the descaling process, remove the portafilter and turn the machine off to cool it completely. Most Breville espresso machines are equipped with an automatic descale cycle. But, the descaling mode differs with every model. So, checking the user manual to find out how to start the descale cycle is better. For example, a series of button presses are needed to descale in the basic models. 

When your model has no automatic descaling cycle, you can begin the extraction and continue until the tank becomes empty. Once the descaling cycle is complete, removing and emptying the waste water containers and the drip tray is necessary. 

Step 4: Rinsing the machine thoroughly

The automatic cycle will pause once the water tank empties the descaling solution. Conversely, with the manual process, you should stop the shot when the tank is empty. After that, refill the water tank, replace the empty waste containers, and restart the descaling cycle. This will help flush the fresh water through the entire system and rinse the descaling solution inside the machine. Once the rinse is complete, empty the waste containers. 

Step 5: Finalizing the process by resetting the machine

Finally, use the soft cloth and cleaning brush to clean the machine’s components to remove all the residues completely. Place the necessary components in their place and reset the machine. Now, you can fill the coffee beans in the appropriate place and brew the tasty coffee. 

Tips and tricks for descaling the Breville espresso machine

  • The espresso machine is designed to perform self-cleaning, but it is vital to do deep cleaning regularly. Remove the portafilter and basket to remove the residues. Use a damp cloth to clean the machine’s exterior. 
  • Use the descaler to properly clean the machine’s interior parts, such as filter baskets, and rinse the machine with fresh water. 
  • You should descale your espresso machine every 2-6 months based on how often you utilize it. If you use the machine 3-5 times a day, descale it every two months. Otherwise, you can descale the machine every six months.
  • Change the water filter every two months to ensure your espresso shots are flavorful and work in good condition. 
  • Check the pressure gauge every few weeks to get a good coffee because high-pressure results in non-flavorful coffee, whereas low pressure provides a watery shot. 
  • Try to use the non-abrasive detergent-free cleaning solution to clean the machine. If you have any doubts, read the manual instructions carefully. 
  • Irrespective of usage, store your machine properly in a cool and dry place. Please keep it away from direct sunlight. 
  • Espresso machines do not need special tools and suppliers to perform descale. Purchase the best descaling solution online or offline to get the best solution.
  • Use cleaning tablets and powerful descaling solutions to clean the coffee machine thoroughly. 


  1. How to clean the Breville espresso machine without tablets?

Ans: Cleaning an espresso machine without a tablet is cost-effective and eco-friendly. Fill the fresh water in the water tank up to the maximum line. Press and hold the clean button for at least 3 seconds to start the cleaning cycle. It will take around 10 minutes to complete. Once you get the beep sound, empty the water tank and rinse the waste container. Use a damp cloth to clean the machine outside and inside to remove stubborn coffee residues. 

  1. How to clean the Breville espresso machine with tablets?

Ans: Cleaning the espresso machine with tablets is straightforward to use. All you need to do is remove the coffee filter, add the cleaning tablet to the group handle, and start the cycle. Allow the machine to run for 10 seconds and leave it as is for another 10 minutes. Repeat this step 3 to 4 times to clean the machine completely. 

  1. How to descale the Breville espresso machine with vinegar?

Ans: Pour an equal amount of water and vinegar into the tank up to the max line. Then, remove the filter and place a big mug under the steam wand and group head. Turn on the machine. Perform manual pour once it reaches brewing temperature. Choose hot water once half the tank has flowed out. Then, turn to steam and let the solution run for a few minutes. After that, turn to stand by between every step after doing the steam section. Now, remove the tank and rinse it thoroughly. Fill the tank with cold water and repeat the process to flush out all the impurities. 

  1. How to clean the Breville espresso machine grinder?

Ans: Initially, unlock the bean hopper and empty the residual beans. Return the hopper to its place and run the normal grind cycle until no ground comes out. Unlock the hopper and keep it aside. Remove the outer burr and brush the ground using the cleaning brush. Reinstall the outer burr and lock the bean hopper in the right place. Next, clean the chute to remove the ground clinging inside. Replace the coffee beans in the hopper and start using the espresso machine.


Descaling your espresso machine is vital in keeping it in good condition. The steps to descale the espresso machine are straightforward. Make sure you follow the steps on how to descale breville espresso machine mentioned above. It helps perform descaling easier and more effectively. 

Most Breville models come with descaling alerts and automatic cycles, so follow the manual’s instructions to avoid issues. Make sure you keep the cleaning tips in mind to extend the machine’s lifespan and sip a good coffee every time. 

Descaling the coffee maker frequently will ensure the machine runs at top performance and eliminate the built-up residue and deposits. It makes the machine better for a long time. It means you do not spend again on the coffee machine to fulfill your coffee carvings. 

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