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Despite being widely used for millennia, coffee doesn’t necessarily go well with certain faiths, such as Mormonism, currently known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). Due to church theology, Mormons have always been forbidden from consuming coffee or tea. LDS members can now enjoy herbal teas and hot chocolate, and the Church has relaxed its prohibition on caffeinated beverages like soda.

This does not imply that all Mormons do not drink coffee, though. Not at all. However, it is still forbidden for Mormons to drink coffee or tea. Yet why?

Who are Mormons?

They are a group of people who identify as Mormons who practice Mormonism, the main branch of the Latter Day Saint movement founded by Joseph Smith in upstate New York in the 1820s. Following Smith’s passing in 1844, the movement broke into multiple factions, each following a different leader. Most of these factions backed Brigham Young, while smaller ones sided with Joseph Smith III, Sidney Rigdon, and James Strang.

Most of these smaller organizations eventually merged to form the Community of Christ, and today, because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) is the largest branch, it is referred to as Mormons. The LDS Church has asked that its adherents be referred to as “Latter-day Saints” starting in 2018. Mormons who identify as such Mormos can also be independently religious, nonpracticing, & secular or belong to another denomination.

Why can’t Mormons drink coffee?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has clarified its stance on caffeinated soft drinks after observing that the news media frequently misrepresents the Church’s members’ views on caffeine consumption.

The website’s language was modified a day later to state that “the church revelation defining out health practices… does not include the consumption of caffeine.”

According to church spokesman Scott Trotter, the clarification was provided to give context to last week’s NBC News hour-long series on Mormonism, which claimed that Mormons don’t consume caffeine.

However, church officials claim that doesn’t mean they think drinking coffee is healthful. Members are not prohibited from consuming them.

Even LDS presidential candidate Mitt Romney has occasionally been observed using soft drinks, and Mormon missionaries regularly consume alcohol.

It was given in 1833 by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons, and prohibits drinking wine, strong alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and “hot drinks,” which are tea and coffee, according to church leaders.

The health-code reference to hot beverages made by the Church on its website on Wednesday was reiterated as including tea and coffee.

The explanation of caffeine “is long overdue,” according to Mormon Matthew Jorgensen, a devoted Mountain Dew drinker.

Jorgensen, who is pursuing a two-year research fellowship in Germany, claimed that he was raised in a “devout Mormon household, in a small, devout Mormon town,” where his neighbours and local clergy considered Coca-Cola consumption to be “so close to coffee consumption that it made your worthiness…questionable.”

Can Mormons drink iced coffee?

The Church does not permit Mormons to consume iced coffee. Any beverage that has the propensity to lead to addiction is forbidden, according to the Word of Wisdom’s prohibitions on “Vaping, Coffee, Tea, and Marijuana.”

Mormons are advised to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, herbal tea, wheat, and meat by the principles of the Word of Wisdom. The followers will experience a healthy lifestyle if they adhere to these commandments.

It is believed that the Word of Wisdom is a sacred revelation. To improve their health, the Mormons must adhere to the directives given by the Word Of Wisdom.

What happens if a Mormon drinks coffee?

When Mormons drink coffee, they become trolls. However, Latter-day Saints can no longer obtain the document we refer to as a temple recommendation and, as a result, are no longer permitted to enter any of our temples unless they lie to their bishop during the interview for a temple recommendation.

A Mormon who drinks coffee will likely have some adverse reaction. Coffee is a stimulant, although not any more so than many other foods. They were sheep following some idiot leader who said they shouldn’t consume coffee. 

Why is coffee forbidden here?

The Church controls the “New Era,” whose August issue focused on body wellness and covered subjects like mental illness, weight, and purity. One article in the issue clarified the Church’s position on vaping or e-cigarettes, anything containing coffee, black or green tea products, and illegal drugs.

As the world changes and new drinks and products appear, it may be challenging for some to define where things like vaping, lattes, and prescription drugs fall within the Church’s health code.

Concerning coffee, it is suggested that because it may be challenging to determine which drinks in a coffee shop contain coffee, “if you’re in a coffee shop (or any other shop that’s well-known for its coffee), the drink you’re ordering probably contains coffee, so either never buy drinks at coffee shops or always ask if there is coffee in it.” It continues that beverages with names ending in  “mocha,” “latte,” “espresso,” or those beginning with “cafe” or “coffee” usually contain coffee and are therefore against the Word of Wisdom.

According to the article, since both green and black tea are produced from the same plant’s leaves, anything containing any type of tea, even iced tea, is forbidden by the Word of Wisdom. To “always examine the ingredients,” it advises members.

For the sake of God’s children’s physical and spiritual well-being, the Word of Wisdom contains a law of health. It includes instructions on what foods are healthy for us and what chemicals to avoid. Over time, church leaders have given more guidance on what the Word of Wisdom encourages or forbids, emphasizing that harmful, addictive, or habit-forming substances should be avoided.

Why can't Mormons drink coffee?

Can Mormons drink decaf coffee?

You’re instructed not to consume caffeine if you’re a Mormon or Latter-day Saint. Coffee, tea, soda, and energy beverages fall within this category. So, if you’re a Mormon, can you drink decaf coffee? If you’re a Mormon, you can indeed sip decaf coffee.

In actuality, a lot of Mormons choose to drink decaf coffee. Caffeine is not strictly forbidden, but it is discouraged. So long as they are decaffeinated, you can continue to drink coffee, tea, and soda. As a Mormon, there are a few considerations while consuming decaf coffee. First off, stay away from using any flavours or sweeteners that have caffeine in them. Second, limit the amount you consume.

Even if caffeine is decaffeinated, too much of it can still harm your health. Thus, if you are a Mormon & you can enjoy drinking coffee, there is no need to give this up. Just be sure to drink the decaf coffee & avoid adding any flavouring or sweeteners which contain caffeine.

Only members of Mormon churches who are of legal drinking age are permitted to purchase decaffeinated beverages. For Mormons, coffee and tea remain taboo. In light of recent occurrences, it is now illegal to drink coffee or tea in Mormon temples; doing so demonstrates disloyalty.

The Mormon church offers its members herbal teas and hot chocolate. The Church made history by allowing the sale of caffeinated beverages like soda. Unlike alcohol or cigarettes, coffee is not as often associated with ex-communication or disfellowship, but it is still exceedingly dangerous to consume daily.

What do Mormons drink instead of coffee?

In general, Mormons avoid drinking coffee and tea because these beverages contain caffeine. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, decaffeinated coffee and herbal teas are typically allowed. Some Mormons also choose to drink caffeinated beverages on rare occasions.

Mormons typically substitute alternative drinks for coffee and tea. Common alternatives include water, juice, milk, and hot chocolate. Some Mormons also make their own herbal teas using caffeine-free herbs.

Why can Mormons drink soda but not coffee?

Coffee aims to stimulate, as seen by how people seem unable to operate without their morning brew. The Word of this Wisdom is not generally about the particular content but the specific purpose. Maximum people have no idea that they are Latter-day Saints with an addiction. Similarly, many people who do not consume coffee and are not Latter-day Saints can benefit from a caffeine-free life.

Furthermore, studies into the potential risks of hot beverages, such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, are still in progress. Although it appears that experts are eager to exclude coffee expressly, the general notion that frequently consuming hot beverages may be detrimental is enough to cause some anxiety.

On the other hand, many soda drinks contain no caffeine and shouldn’t be consumed hot. And although if some people do become dependent on particular soft drinks (such as energy drinks and caffeinated cola), it is always the intent that brings this theological issue to light. Why do people drink this stuff?

However, the Word of Wisdom ultimately offers the option of abstaining from addictive substances. As some have noted, other than revoking their temple recommendations, there are no penalties for any Latter-day Saint who would smoke cigarettes or drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.

Why is Coffee Against the Word of Wisdom?

The Doctrine and Covenants, a book regarded as a sacred document by various denominations within the Latter Day Saint movement, contains a passage from 1833 known as the “Word of Wisdom.” The section outlines attitudes toward specific medications, healthy ingredients in general, and the advice to consume meat in moderation. It also contains promises for those who heed the direction of the Word of Wisdom.

As a result of the scripture’s reference to “hot liquids,” which the LDS Church interprets to mean tea and coffee, it is also taught that it is irrelevant whether the drinks are hot or not.

The common consensus is that drinking herbal tea, coffee alternatives like Pero and Postum, hot chocolate, and malt beverages such as the Ovaltine & Milo, or hot water.

Whether it is OK to consume caffeine-containing beverages that are not tea or coffee has long been a contentious topic among LDS Church members. In 1918, a professor of Mormonism at the University of Utah argued in a piece that Mormons should abstain from Coca-Cola in the same way as they abstain from the “hot drinks” of the Word of Wisdom because Coca-Cola contains caffeine, which is also found in tea and coffee.

Many Mormons now think that tea and coffee are forbidden because of their caffeine content, as a result of Pack’s article. However, the Church has never made this claim to justify the ban.


Despite being widely used for millennia, coffee doesn’t necessarily go well with certain faiths, such as Mormonism, currently known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). Due to church theology, Mormons have always been forbidden from consuming coffee or tea. LDS members can now enjoy herbal teas and hot chocolate, and the Church has relaxed its prohibition on caffeinated beverages like soda.


Q1. Why can’t Mormons drink tea or coffee? 

Ans: One of the four books of scripture used by the Church, the Doctrine and Covenants, contains a portion titled The Word of Wisdom. According to Mormons, God revealed in 1833 which foods and substances were suitable for human consumption. The use of alcohol, tobacco, tea, and coffee was forbidden.

Q 2. Why can Mormons drink caffeine but not coffee?

Ans: The Lord forbids us from consuming tobacco and “hot liquids,” which Church leaders have interpreted to indicate tea and coffee, in Doctrine and Covenants 89:8–9. According to modern prophets and apostles, the Word of Wisdom repeatedly warns us against things that can harm us or make us dependent.

Q 3. Can Mormons drink hot chocolate?

Ans: The theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not mention caffeine as the reason why members of the Church should refrain from drinking tea and coffee. The Word of Wisdom advises against consuming hot beverages.

Q 4. What is the Mormon health code?

Ans: The Mormon health code, also known as the Word of Wisdom, is a set of guidelines for Mormons to follow in order to maintain their health. This includes abstaining from coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. The Word of Wisdom also includes eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. While Mormons are not required to follow the Word of Wisdom perfectly, it is encouraged as a way to maintain good physical and spiritual health.

Q 5. Why is coffee forbidden in the Mormon church?

Ans: The Lord advises Mormons to refrain from using hazardous chemicals in the Word of Wisdom. Mormons are instructed not to consume any alcohol. Additionally, Mormons are required not to use tobacco products and to abstain from “hot drinks,” which include coffee and teas other than herbal tea.

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