Can I Drink Coffee While Taking Spironolactone?

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Do you crave a cup of coffee? Are you missing out on something when you do not taste this hot beverage with your lip? If you take a spironolactone drug and want to consume coffee, this article is for you. Here, we will clear your doubts about ‘Can I drink coffee while taking spironolactone.’ 

Spironolactone is a medicine that treats congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. Sometimes, people need clarification on whether drinking coffee while consuming the drug is safe. It’s a matter of your health, so learning how the medicine interacts with coffee is very important. So, let’s see how! 

Can I drink decaf coffee while taking Spironolactone?

Yes, You can but It is crucial to consider caffeine’s potential effects on your body. This is more important when you take a medication like Spironolactone.

The best thing to do is shift to an alternative to the caffeinated drink. Decaf coffee is one of the best alternative beverages to enjoy while taking this drug. 

Decaffeinated coffee offers your taste buds the same flavor as that of coffee. So, you are in a win-on-win situation. Enjoy the caffeine without having to worry about the side effects of it. 

Yet, one must consult a doctor before shifting to decaf coffee. Why? Since drinking decaffeinated coffee can or can’t cancel the side effects of Spironolactone.

How long after taking Spironolactone can you drink alcohol?

Consuming alcohol while taking Spironolactone can be risky. This will lead to side effects like headache, dizziness, and fainting. Try to cut your alcohol consumption while taking the medicine.

It is after 24 hours that a standard dose of Spironolactone gets removed from the human body. Thus, you should wait for 24 hours and only then drink alcohol. What’s best is that you do not take alcohol for 3-4 days after stopping Spironolactone. 

What are the Effects of Coffee and Spironolactone Interactions?

The interaction between coffee and Spironolactone includes the following –

  1. Dehydration
  2. Increased blood pressure
  3. Increased risk of Hyperkalemia. 

Drinking coffee and Spironolactone together results in increased fluid loss and electrolyte imbalances. 

Hypokalemia is one of the significant risks of drinking coffee with Spironolactone. Muscle weakness, fatigue, irregular heart rhythms, dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness, and headache. Are other side effects?

Remember, Spironolactone and caffeine have a harsh impact on blood potassium levels. The two acts are very opposite to each other. On the one hand, caffeine is a motivation that can multiply heart rate and causes dehydration in the body. Spironolactone helps the body drop excess water & salt. This way, the drug lowers high blood pressure & abnormal heart rate. 

So, try to avoid combining coffee drinks with Spironolactone. These two substances will lead to dangerous effects on blood potassium levels. If you are taking Spironolactone, avoid caffeine-containing foods and beverages. 

Can I drink decaf coffee while taking Spironolactone?
Can I drink decaf coffee while taking Spironolactone?

How long after taking Spironolactone can you drink coffee?

Spironolactone is a drug that works when you limit caffeine intake. Make sure you drink coffee after 10 hours of having taken this drug. You can choose to take a cup of coffee after taking the medication. The gap between Spironolactone and coffee should be at least 10 hours. 

Why? Because coffee gets removed from the human body only after 10 hours. Try to maintain ten hours. This 10-hour confirms that caffeine is out of your system and does not interfere with the drug. If you fail to stick to this tip, your body might experience specific side effects. The potential side effects include increased urination, dizziness, and diarrhea.

Can I drink coffee while on blood pressure medication?

No, because coffee contains caffeine, reducing blood pressure medications’ benefits. Research suggests that consuming coffee harms BP medicines.

A common type of blood pressure medication, i.e., calcium channel blockers. Coffee promotes to narrow the blood vessels in the human body. This results in increased blood pressure. Thus, coffee can be harmful to those on BP medications. 

Can you drink coffee while taking diuretics?

You learned the answer to ‘Can I drink coffee while taking Spironolactone?

Let us see if it’s okay to consume coffee with diuretics. 

Diuretics are also known as water pills. This particular medication helps manage blood pressure levels. It’s prescribed for lowering blood pressure and also treats heart failure. Drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee is normal for a normal lifestyle. 

But you must remember coffee has a mild diuretic effect. You will get an urge to urinate more often. So, it is best not to combine coffee with water pills. This will help you escape from dehydration. 

How long after taking Spironolactone can you drink coffee
How long after taking Spironolactone can you drink coffee?

Coffee Substitutes with Lower Caffeine Content

Coffee is the go-to morning drink. But it is time to look for options while taking Spironolactone. Below we have mentioned the top 5 drinks that serve the purpose of coffee – 

1) Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented drink that is made with back tea. While this beverage has caffeine, its content is very low. Hence, you can benefit a lot from consuming Kombucha. The drink helps gut health, so it’s a popular choice for those sensitive to caffeine. 

2) Green Tea

Green tea is one of the excellent options for those who love drinks in the morning. You can take green tea, which is caffeine free, yet sweet and tasty. This beverage helps manage weight loss, reduces anxiety, and boosts immunity. 

3) Chicory Coffee

Chicory Coffee is made of chicory roots instead of coffee beans. The origins are brewed to form a delicious hot beverage. Get ready to taste a drink free of caffeine yet tastes like coffee. Inulin in this beverage improves digestion and supports a healthy gut.

4) Chamomile Tea

Herbal tea, such as Chamomile Tea, is a healthy alternative to caffeinated coffee. This type of beverage has calming effects on the human mind and body. You can consume the drink with peppermint or ginger. 

5) Chai Tea

Chai Tea is sweet, tasty Indian drink. In goes black tea, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper. This beverage contains aromatic herbs. Its herbal nature makes it one of the best replacements for coffee. 

Most chai tea brands contain low caffeine. A cup of Chai Tea will have 25 mg of caffeine, much lower than a cup with 75 mg of caffeine.


We hope the article answered your questions about Coffee & Spironolactone. ‘Can I drink coffee while taking spironolactone.’ Yes, you can, but certain conditions apply. Remember to analyze the interactions between the two, i.e., caffeine and Spironolactone. The best option is to avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee while taking Spironolactone.

And yes, decaffeinated drinks are generally safe. Still, try to learn the long-term effects of drinking coffee while taking Spironolactone. Stick to precautions, as protection is better than a cure! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What happens if I drink coffee with Spironolactone?

Ans – If you drink coffee with Spironolactone, get ready to face certain side effects. To name a few:

  • a) Dizziness
  • b) Vomiting
  • c) Dry mouth
  • d) Thirst
  • e) Headache

Since coffee contains caffeine, the drug can interact with Spironolactone. The interaction will result in high potassium levels in the body. This condition is dangerous and even life-hazardous. 

Q2. Can I drink tea while taking Spironolactone?

Ans – Yes, you can. Green tea or black tea is generally safe to drink while taking Spironolactone. But make a note that tea contains various compounds. Each of these compounds can have different effects on the body. 

At present, no proper interaction between tea and Spironolactone is live. So, it can be safe to consume the two together.

Q3. What is a major side effect of Spironolactone?

Ans – Some of the common side effects that can occur with Spironolactone are as follows:

  • a) diarrhea
  • c) Cramps in the stomach
  • d) Nausea
  • e) Hyperkalemia (high potassium level)
  • f) Vomiting
  • g) Headache
  • h) Dizziness
  • i) Drowsiness
  • j) Irregular menstrual cycles
  • k) Itching. 

While the side effects are minor and should go away within a few days or weeks. These side effects can sometimes stay for longer; try to consult with your doctor or pharmacist. 

Q4. Can you take Spironolactone with milk?

Ans – Yes, you can swallow the pill with milk. Your doctor can ask you to take the medicine orally with water or milk to cut stomach upset.

It is acceptable to eat Spironolactone with milk. But, substances like calcium can reduce the absorption and effectiveness of medications. In this case, you should take Spironolactone with a small amount of milk. 

Q5. What should you avoid while taking Spironolactone?

Ans – Avoid consuming salt substitutes that are rich in potassium. Do not eat any potassium supplement while taking Spironolactone.

 It would be best to stay away from such eatables high in potassium. For example, avocados, bananas, coconut water, spinach, and sweet potato. 

They are eating food rich in potassium while on the active dosage of this drug. It can result in high blood potassium levels and sometimes fatal Hyperkalemia. 

Q6. What is the best food to take with Spironolactone?

Ans – The best food to take with Spironolactone are as follows – 

  • a) Fresh fruits
  • b) Whole grains
  • c) Leafy Vegetables
  • d) Fat-free products

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