Does Twisted Tea have Caffeine?

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Twisted tea is becoming a hype in the market, and many people are consuming it. But the main question arises that Does Twisted Tea have Caffeine or not. People need to know how much caffeine it contains, what will be the side effects, etc. 

Are you someone who needs to wake up for long nights to finish your work, or are you a student preparing for your entrance or just doing something you need to focus on, and you can do that at night only? And then, to wake up late at night, you find drinks that can help you stay awake at night. There are so many energy boosters drinks that have a lot of caffeine that individuals consume.

Therefore, this article will offer you all the information about Twisted Tea. We will discuss what twisted tea is, Does Twisted Tea have Caffeine, ingredients, potential side effects, and other relevant information.

What Is Twisted Tea?

Twisted tea is one of the hard iced teas and is a brand made and distributed by a company called Boston Beer Company. It was developed in 2001, and later, when the hype grew up, they launched many flavors of it, such as half and half, peach, mango, original, raspberry, lemon, and berry. 

Twisted tea is one of the popular alcoholic drinks which gives the taste of tea and helps refresh individuals. It is also considered an energy booster drink. And people usually consume it to boost their energy level so that they can work by being more focused. 

It is an alternative to beer or any other alcoholic drink. This drink is made by the brewing process, which gives it a smooth and tasty flavor that is perfect for sharing with friends. 

There are so many ingredients used in making this tea. The common ingredients in all the drinks are listed down below:

  • Water
  • Black Tea
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sugar
  • Caramel color
  • Sodium Citrate

Also, the favored iced twisted tea can have slightly different ingredients due to its specific flavor.

Does twisted tea have caffeine?

Yes, twisted tea has caffeine. It is made from real tea leaves; therefore, it is very obvious to have caffeine in it. But the amount of caffeine is a little. It is approximately 30 mg, equivalent to the caffeine in black tea. 

But still, it is not recommended for people sensitive to caffeine. Also, twisted tea is only meant for adults who can enjoy its flavor. 

How much caffeine is in twisted tea?

As we discussed above, Twisted tea contains caffeine. But after this, another question arises: how much caffeine does twisted tea contain? According to the fact-based data, a regular brewed tea of 8 ounces contains around 25 to 50 mg of caffeine. But twisted tea contains around 30 mg of caffeine in 12 ounces of serving, which is relatively lower than usual brewed tea. 

Due to the less caffeine, it is said to be less caffeinated than any other traditional coffee or energy drink.

How much caffeine is in twisted tea?
How much caffeine is in twisted tea?

Does twisted tea half and half have caffeine?

Yes, twisted tea half and half also contains caffeine. All the variants of twisted tea have caffeine. The main difference between all these iced teas is the level of caffeine and the flavor. 

The twisted tea half and half variant contains half and half the amount of caffeine compared to its original tea, i.e., 15 mg of caffeine in 12 ounces of serving. Though the caffeine is low, it also works as an energy booster and helps you gain energy to do work. 

Does twisted tea keep you awake?

Since we know that caffeine consumption helps keep you awake. And in this article, we have also answered your query: does twisted tea have caffeine? And the answer we got was yes, and it has caffeine. 

Therefore, with the consumption of twisted tea of any flavor, our body consumes caffeine; hence, it also helps us awake. 

Nowadays, people are piled up with numerous tasks and spend their whole day in the office. They also have to work at night to complete the work which is left, and after working the whole day, they get too tired and do not have any energy left to complete their work; therefore, these people make use of twisted tea iced drink which helps them be awake, and hence, they can complete their work. It also gives them the energy to do work and keep them alert. 

Does twisted tea taste like tea? 

Yes, twisted tea tastes like tea. It is made up of natural tea and other ingredients as well. The actual taste of twisted tea has yet to be defined. But it is a slight combination of sweetness, tea, and fruitiness. 

We know that twisted tea comes in different flavors, and each flavor has different ingredients according to the flavor you choose. For example, if you opt for the raspberry flavor, it will give a strong raspberry taste, but if you opt for the peach flavor, it will give you a peachy taste. 

The taste also slightly matches the beer as it also contains some amount of alcohol in it. Still, the best thing about twisted tea is that you will never feel bloated or gassy, as it is a less carbonated drink.  

Why is Twisted Tea allowed to have caffeine?

Twisted tea is made up of genuine tea leaves, making it obvious to have caffeine. And it is not like that is allowed or not. It is just the process of making twisted tea, and the ingredients involved in it are the only reason for the presence of caffeine in it. 

The makers of twisted tea do not intentionally add caffeine to the iced tea. Therefore, the way the black tea leaves are brewed in the process is the only source of caffeine in twisted tea.

Why is Twisted Tea allowed to have caffeine?
Why is Twisted Tea allowed to have caffeine?

What are the side effects of drinking Twisted Tea?

As we know, if any energy or regular drink contains alcohol and caffeine, it can have some side effects on the body. Similarly, twisted tea also has some amount of caffeine and alcohol. Therefore, it also has so many side effects. Some of the common side effects are mentioned down below – 

  • Excessive use can lead to dehydration. 
  • It can cause headaches. 
  • You may have insomnia. 
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • It can cause discomfort in the stomach
  • Alcohol impairment
  • Heart palpitations

There can be other side effects like the ones mentioned above. Also, remember that these side effects are caused when the consumption of alcohol and caffeine is too much. Therefore, it is recommended to drink twisted tea in moderation. 


Twisted tea is Strong iced tea that contains caffeine and some amount of alcohol. Also, it is available in different flavors from which you can choose from. The ingredients in all the variants are almost identical; the difference lies in the flavor only. Also, the half and half variant of twisted tea has half the caffeine compared to the original flavor. The taste is similar to that of tea. Along with it, it tastes sweet and fruity. 

It has become the hype, and many people are drinking it for fun, and some are drinking to keep themselves energetic, but it is always recommended to drink in moderation so that it does not lead to any side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Twisted Tea easy on the stomach?

Twisted tea is caffeinated, and overconsumption can affect your stomach. If you drink it in moderation, then it will be easy on your stomach. Otherwise, you will feel discomfort in your stomach. 

Does Twisted Tea have a lot of caffeine?

Twisted tea does not have a lot of caffeine. It contains 30 mg of caffeine in 12 ounces of a serving, less than regular black tea, which contains about 25 to 50 mg in 8 ounces. 

Does twisted tea light have caffeine?

Yes, twisted tea light also has caffeine. All the variants of twisted tea have caffeine as it is brewed using real black tea leaves.

Does twisted iced tea have caffeine?

Yes, twisted iced tea has caffeine. Though the amount of caffeine is not that much, still all the flavors of twisted tea have caffeine in them.

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