Dutch Bros Annihilator: How to Make It?

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Annihilator at Dutch Bros is a famous drink for coffee lovers. Coffee addicts like Dutch Bros Annihilator in both hot and iced forms. 

Dutch Bros is a coffee chain in the western United States. Its simple menu, accessible locations, etc., attract coffee addicts. As mentioned, most of the stores of Dutch Bros are drive-thru. Except for coffee (both hot and iced), it also sells non-coffee drink options and a lot of baked goods. 

Dutch Bros Annihilator is a perfect blend of espresso, milk, and nut syrup makes the Annihilator the first choice for everyone. Be it annihilator freeze or skinny Annihilator, or sugar-free, people love it. 

What’s in the Annihilator at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros annihilator is full of energy. Annihilator at Dutch Bros is the perfect blend of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and espresso. This high-energy drink is available in both Iced and Hot forms. To give you a creamy yet flavorful drink, dutch Bros Annihilator adds hazelnut syrup, homemade whipped cream, etc.

What's in the Annihilator at Dutch Bros?
What’s in the Annihilator at Dutch Bros?

Dutch bros annihilator recipe:

We like some drinks so much that we want it daily in our home. So if you ever wanted to make annihilator Dutch Bros at home, here is your guide to prepare it. Before you prepare it, ensure you have an espresso machine, frother, or steam wand. Measuring cups, mixing cups and spoons, and serving glasses (different depending upon Iced and Hot forms of Annihilator) are also a necessity. 


1 cup of milk (It can be any milk as per your choice; cow milk, plant-based milk, half and half, anything that suits you) 1 shot of espresso (for making Iced Annihilator, use chill espresso and for hot one, use regular espresso) 1 tablespoon of chocolate macadamia nut syrupIce (use this only if you are making an Iced annihilator; for a hot Annihilator, skip this one)Topping of your choice (whipped cream, crushed nuts, any syrup, shavings or anything you want) 


  • Steaming and frothing:

To make a hot Dutch bros annihilator, the first step is to prepare the milk of your choice by using a frother and a steam wand. 

  • Mix milk and syrup:

Once you have your frothed milk ready, transfer it to your favorite serving glass. Add 1 tablespoon of chocolate macadamia nut syrup. After adding it, stir for a few minutes until the flavors are mixed.

  • Make the espresso:

Using your preferred coffee, prepare a shot of espresso in your machine.

  • Add espresso to the cup:

Once you have your espresso ready, add that to the flavored milk and nut syrup cup. 

  • Enjoy:

Now your hot Dutch bro’s Annihilator is ready to be enjoyed by adding toppings of your choice. 

Use ice instead of steam for the iced version of the Dutch bro’s Annihilator. Half-fill your serving glass with ice. You can make the ice from coffee (not water) to ensure zero dilution while drinking. Do not steam your milk. Instead, add 1 tablespoon of chocolate macadamia nut syrup with milk of your choice or half and half and froth it.

Once done, add this frothed mixture to your cup of ice. Instead of fresh espresso, add cooled shots of espresso on top of it, put toppings of your choice, and enjoy. 

Following these simple steps, you can make your favorite drink whenever you want and enjoy it to the fullest. 

What are sugar-free annihilator Dutch bros?

People nowadays are very aware of their health and well-being. Quitting refined sugar is one such habit people make for a healthy life. But at the same time, they want to maintain the taste. That’s why Dutch bros have created sugar-free annihilators. This does not contain refined sugar but does not compromise the taste.

A perfect blend of half and half, strong espresso of your preferred coffee, and sugar-free chocolate macadamia nut syrup results in a mouth-watering and craving-satisfying sugar-free Dutch bros annihilator.

If you are conscious of your sugar intake, you must also be aware of your calorie intake. A large iced annihilator Dutch bros have 550 calories, the hot one has 640, and the blended one has 930 calories, to be precise. So the calorie count may not suit your healthy lifestyle, but once in a while, satisfying cravings is also essential.

How much caffeine is in Dutch Bros Annihilator?

Dutch bros have made their way into the hearts of coffee addicts. Its menu contains high-caffeine drinks, which feel like heaven for coffee lovers. 

Coffee of Dutch Bros comprises two proprietary blends, namely Dutch Bros private reserve and Dutch Bros decaffeinated. These blends are made from blends of various arabica coffee beans worldwide.

If we come to the caffeine content context, on average, a cup of Dutch Bros coffee contains 40 mg of caffeine. Generally, dutch bros coffee tends to have higher caffeine content in their coffee than average. 

Specifically talking about Annihilator Dutch bros, in a 12 oz and 16 oz cup, the caffeine content is 128 mg. In a 20 oz cup, it is 256 mg.

How to make a Dutch bros annihilator at home?

Making a Dutch bros annihilator at home is easy if you have an espresso machine and steam and froth machine. 

Prepare two shots of espresso or more with your preferred coffee. Mix ½ cup of half-and-half milk and two tablespoons of chocolate macadamia nut syrup until perfectly flavorful. Add the freshly frothed espresso to it. Put the toppings of your preference and enjoy freshly prepared Annihilator in the comfort of your home.

Although Dutch bros annihilators may not taste the same when prepared at home, sometimes the comfort of home is required to enjoy the drink’s taste. So if you crave comfort and taste, enjoy this drink at home.

How to make a Dutch bros annihilator at home?
How to make a Dutch bros annihilator at home?

What is white annihilator Dutch bros?

Annihilator Dutch bros are the perfect blend of espresso, half and half, along with chocolate macadamia nut syrup to enhance the overall flavor of the drink.

When in the place of chocolate macadamia nut syrup, white chocolate macadamia nut syrup is added, and the drink is named White Annihilator Dutch Bros. Except this, the whole flavor and making process remains the same. So if you love white chocolates, you should try this white Annihilator Dutch bros. This drink tastes delicious in all three forms, be it Iced, hot, or a blend. 

Dutch bros annihilator calories: 

Health-conscious people are aware of their calorie intake nowadays. As calorie intake affects your health, knowing how many calories you consume and what nutrients you get from it is essential. Knowing this will help you make better decisions regarding your drinking choices.

There are three sizes of Dutch bros annihilators, large, medium, and small. Let’s break down calories and nutrients of all sizes.

  • In the large cup of Annihilator, you consume 550 calories and get 31 g fat, 57 g carbohydrates, 52 g sugar, 11 g protein, 200 mg sodium, and 100 mg cholesterol
  • In the medium cup of Annihilator, you consume 470 calories and get 24 g fat, 53 g carbs, 50 g sugar, 9 g protein, 160 mg sodium, and 80 mg cholesterol. 
  • In a small cup of Annihilator, you consume 330 calories and get 12 g fat, 49 g carbs, 46 g sugar, 5 g protein, 80 mg sodium, and 40 mg cholesterol. 

Before you drink any of this, ensure you know how many calories you must take daily for balanced health. Balancing is the key. 

What are skinnier annihilator Dutch bros?

Skinnier annihilator Dutch bros are a replacement for annihilator freeze. As the name suggests, this Annihilator Dutch bros makes you skinnier (healthier). The milk used in Skinnier Annihilator Dutch Bros is non-fat milk. Also, healthier alternatives of sugar are used in this drink, making it even more tempting for health-conscious coffee lovers.

All these changes in the recipe of annihilator Dutch bros reduce the calorie count by 350 and the amount of sugar by 15g. 

So if you are health conscious, it is better to go for skinnier Annihilator Dutch bros than annihilator freeze. It can significantly reduce your calorie intake and even sugar count. 


As a coffee chain, Dutch Bros is way cheaper than other brands in the United States. Its pure arabica coffee blend of various flavors makes it even more loved by customers. Consistency of taste, quality of coffee, and price over the years have made their customers loyal to the Dutch Bros. 

If you love coffee, Annihilator is one of the blends you should try at the Dutch Bros. 


How many shots are in a Dutch bros annihilator?

Dutch bros offer three sizes of annihilator freeze. For espresso-based drinks, the small and medium cup of Dutch bros annihilator has two shots, while the large cup has four shots, to be precise. 

How much is a small annihilator at dutch bros?

Dutch bros annihilator starts at $3.00. For a small cup, it is $3.00; for a medium one, it is $3.50; for a large cup, it is $4.50. 

What is a skinnier annihilator?

Skinny annihilator Dutch bros are a replacement for annihilator freeze. As the name suggests, this Annihilator Dutch bros makes you skinnier (healthier). The milk used in Skinny Annihilator Dutch Bros is non-fat milk. Also, healthier alternatives of sugar are used in this drink, making it even more tempting for health-conscious coffee lovers.

What flavor is the Annihilator?

Annihilator Dutch bros get their flavor from the chocolate macadamia nut syrup. So either it is dark chocolate or white chocolate. Strong espresso of your favorite coffee also adds a unique flavour. 

How much is the Annihilator at dutch bros?

The price of the annihilators at Dutch Bros can be as low as $3.00 for a small cup and up to $5.00 for a large one.

What’s in the Annihilator at Dutch Bros? 

Annihilators at dutch bros are a perfect blend of strong espresso shots, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and half-and-half milk. Also, toppings of your choice are added to make them tastier and more flavorful. This drink is made to satisfy your cravings, hence the favourite of all coffee lovers.

How many carbs are in a sugar-free annihilator?

A 20 oz sugar-free annihilator at dutch bros has about 389 calories and 12 g of carbohydrates. 33.2 g of fat and 11. 2 g of protein is what you get when you consume a large cup of Dutch Bros Annihilator.

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