Dutch Bros Smoothies: A Burst of Flavor in Every Sip

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Dutch Bros is a well-known brand for tasty and refreshing beverages also Dutch Bros Smoothies is well-known for their fine coffee and innovative beverages, but they’ve also gained a reputation for its tasty smoothies. Dutch Bros Smoothies give a flavor explosion with every drink due to their vast choice of flavors and possibilities.

In this post, we’ll look at the several smoothie variations offered by Dutch Bros and their components, nutritional information, and ordering information.

What is a Dutch Bros Smoothie?

Dutch Bros Smoothies are a delicious blend of fresh ingredients that result in a thick and creamy smoothie. These smoothies are great for individuals looking for a delicious treat because they are professionally made to provide a delightful and refreshing experience.

Dutch Bros has something for everyone, whether they prefer traditional combinations or want to make their smoothie.

Dutch Bros smoothies are crafted with top ingredients, so every drink bursts with fresh flavors. Every ingredient, from exquisite fruits to creamy bases, is chosen carefully to make a satisfying mix.

Dutch Bros smoothies are known for their smooth, velvety texture, making them a treat. Expert blending processes are used to achieve a harmonious flavor combination, producing a luxurious and cooling drink.

Types of Dutch Bros Smoothies

Dutch Bros offers a wide selection of smoothie choices to satisfy various tastes and preferences. Let’s look at the many kinds of smoothies that are offered in more detail:

Classic Smoothies:

A delicious variety of traditional smoothies are available from Dutch Bros, because of their well-known and delightful flavors. Smoothie lovers adore these tried-and-true flavor combinations. The traditional Strawberry Banana smoothie, which mixes the natural sweetness of ripe strawberries with the creamy smoothness of bananas, is among the favorites. A pleasing mixture that is both reviving and fulfilling is the result.

The mango smoothie is a well-liked option for individuals craving a touch of the tropics. The Peach smoothie is yet another enduring classic from Dutch Bros. 

The premium ingredients in Dutch Bros’ traditional smoothies make them stand out. Only the freshest and ripest fruits are chosen. These traditional pairings’ delicately balanced sweetness and tartness produce a well-rounded flavor that encourages customer loyalty from consumers.

Blended Smoothies:

The blended smoothies from Dutch Bros are ideal for adding a little luxury and excitement to your smoothie experience. With the addition of delicious mix-ins that raise the flavor and texture to a realm of pure enjoyment, these wonderful inventions bring the goodness of traditional smoothie flavors to a whole new level.

Consider a luscious chocolate smoothie that is thick and creamy. Dutch Bros incorporates the velvety richness of chocolate with smoothies, creating a beautiful treat for chocolate lovers. Dutch Bros also sells blended smoothies with cookie crunch. 

Custom Smoothies:

The options for modifying your smoothie are virtually limitless. To create the perfect flavor combination, you are free to select from a selection of fruits. You may want to combine pineapple’s tartness with strawberries’ sweetness, or you may want to combine blueberries and raspberries for a colorful explosion of berry delight.

You can explore and test out various fruit combinations with Dutch Bros until you find the ideal mix that appeals to your taste buds.

Nutritional Information of Dutch Bros Smoothies
Nutritional Information of Dutch Bros Smoothies

Ingredients Used in Dutch Bros Smoothies

Quality and freshness are at the heart of Dutch Bros’ smoothie selection. Dutch Bros carefully chooses the best ingredients while creating these delectable drinks to ensure an amazing tasting experience.

Some essential components contribute to Dutch Bros smoothies’ wonderful taste and refreshing texture, even though the precise ingredients may differ based on the flavor option and any customizations. Some primary things to note are:

  • Strawberries, bananas, and mangos are some examples of important fresh fruits. 
  • Fruits and ice are combined to create a smooth and reviving texture.
  • Additional flavorings, such as natural extracts or syrups, are occasionally added to improve the flavor.
  • Dutch Bros is dedicated to ethical sourcing and collaborates with reliable suppliers.

Nutritional Information of Dutch Bros Smoothies

Although Dutch Bros smoothies are undoubtedly delicious, it’s important to consider their nutritional value. The dietary data may change based on the flavor and customization options.

However, Dutch Bros smoothies normally have a moderate quantity of calories, carbohydrates, and natural sugars and are created with real fruit. Blended smoothies with add-ins may have a little greater calorie count for anyone watching their intake.

Here is the nutritional information for a Strawberry Smoothie (Large):

Calories 660
Total Fat 4g  5%
Cholesterol 25mg 8%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 147g 53%
Dietary Fiber 0g  0%
Sugars 141g 
Protein 0g 

Here are the nutritional indicators of a Blended Mango Smoothie (Small):

Serving Size: 1 small 
Serving Weight: 454g
Calories 330 kCal
Total Carbs  76 g
Net Carbs 73 g
Fiber 3 g
Sugar 67 g
Sugar Alcohols 
Protein 2 gm
Fat 9 gm
Monounsat. Fat
Polyunsat. Fat
Saturated Fat  2 mg
Cholesterol 9 mg
Glycemic Load
Best Dutch Bros Smoothies in 2023
Best Dutch Bros Smoothies in 2023

8 Best Dutch Bros Smoothies in 2023

1. Tropical Paradise

The Dutch Bros Tropical Paradise smoothie is a tasty mix of tropical fruits that will take your taste senses to a warm beach. This smoothie’s combination of pineapple, mango, and coconut flavors results in a cool, exotic beverage ideal for sweltering summer days.

It is a delicious treat because the creamy texture goes well with the tropical flavors. The Tropical Paradise smoothie will satisfy your desire for a tropical getaway whether you are already on vacation or are just daydreaming about one.

2. Berry Blast

All berry lovers, take note! The Berry Blast smoothie from Dutch Bros is a special treat exclusively for you. This delicious mixture of natural juicy fruits, including succulent strawberries, plump blueberries, and tart raspberries, is enticing. Be prepared for a flurry of fruity flavors that excite your palate and leave you craving more.

The Berry Blast smoothie is not only a delicious alternative, but it’s also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, making it a guilt-free and healthy decision. The Berry Blast smoothie is one of the best Dutch Bros Smoothies, and it promises a delectable and nourishing experience that is sure to satiate your berry needs, whether you choose to start your day with it as a quick and filling breakfast or turn to it to revive yourself during a hectic afternoon.

3. Mango Tango

For those who like the sweet and tangy flavor of mango, Dutch Bros offers the tempting Mango Tango smoothie. With the juiciest ripe mangoes and a delicate citrus undertone, this lively and tropical drink will take you on a lovely journey.

A delectable tropical flavor explosion is guaranteed with every decadent sip of the Mango Tango smoothie, which is like a pleasant tropical dance party for your taste buds. The Mango Tango is the ideal choice to sate your desires and add a hint of tropical zest to your diet, whether you’re a die-hard mango lover or just looking for a vibrant and delectable smoothie.

4. Peach Perfection

The Peach Perfection smoothie from Dutch Bros is the perfect way to experience summer in a cup. A creamy foundation and the sweetness of ripe peaches are combined in this smoothie to provide a velvety and decadent treat.

Enjoying the tastes of summer all year round is easy with the Peach Perfection smoothie. This smoothie is a real hit thanks to its delicious peachy flavor and creamy texture.

5. Chocolate Dream

The Chocolate Dream smoothie from Dutch Bros will satisfy your chocolate craving. This delectable beverage is a heavenly treat with a velvety smooth texture and rich chocolate flavors. When you’re in the mood for something sweet and decadent, the Chocolate Dream smoothie is ideal.

It’s similar to drinking a chocolate milkshake with a healthy twist. The Chocolate Dream smoothie will leave you feeling incredibly content and cozy.

6. Green Goodness

The Green Goodness smoothie from Dutch Bros is both energizing and healthy. This nutrient-dense green beverage is brimming with healthy ingredients like spinach, kale, and green apples. While the Green Goodness smoothie’s health advantages are clear, its mouthwatering flavor also astounds.

You’ll get a rush of freshness that awakens your senses with each drink. Give your body the boost it needs by indulging in the Green Goodness smoothie to satisfy your vitamin hunger and give your taste buds a lovely and refreshing experience.

7. Caramel Apple Smoothie

If you enjoy the traditional flavor combination of apple and caramel, try the Caramel Apple smoothie from Dutch Bros. This delectable mixture has a flavor profile balanced by the sweetness of caramel and the sharpness of the apple.

In liquid form, the caramel apple smoothie is similar to biting into a caramel-coated apple. It’s the ideal option for anyone who likes a fruity, sweet treat with a hint of indulgence.

8. Pink Flamingo

Last but not least, a popular smoothie among customers is Dutch Bros’ Pink Flamingo. Strawberries and lemonade are combined in this brilliant pink beverage to give it a zesty and reviving flavor. The Pink Flamingo smoothie is a go-to choice for individuals who want a fruity and energizing smoothie because it strikes the ideal mix of sweetness and tanginess.

The vibrant pink hue makes this beverage one of the best Dutch Bros Smoothies. The Pink Flamingo smoothie will satisfy your demands whether you’re trying to relieve your thirst or enjoy a delicious beverage.

How Dutch Bros Smoothies Are Made

  • Each customer’s smoothie at Dutch Bros is made specifically for them, guaranteeing optimal freshness and flavor.
  • Customers can customize their smoothies at Dutch Bros by adding extra protein powder, energy shots, or other flavorings.
  • The baristas use the chosen fruits, ensuring they are ripe and fresh. For the ideal mixture, any additional ingredients or mix-ins are also obtained.
  • The ingredients are precisely measured and added to a high-speed blender, along with the fruits, ice, and extras. The blender is then turned on to produce a velvety, smooth consistency.
  • The baristas at Dutch Bros are experienced at producing the ideal texture and flavor, ensuring the smoothie is thoroughly blended and devoid of lumps or irregularities.
  • The smoothie is poured into a Dutch Bros branded cup once it has reached the required consistency. A decorative straw or a garnish, such as a slice of fresh fruit or a dash of cinnamon, can be the finishing touch for the smoothie.
  • The finished smoothie is then given to the consumer, who can relish the delectable and hydrating beverage.

Each smoothie is meticulously crafted by Dutch Bros, who take great satisfaction in ensuring every drink is enjoyable. The next time you purchase a smoothie from Dutch Bros, you can be confident that it was prepared with care and a dedication to providing a delightful and energizing beverage.

How to Order a Dutch Bros Smoothie

It’s simple to place a smoothie order at Dutch Bros. To place an order, head over to the Dutch Bros restaurant that’s closest to you or use their mobile app.

The available smoothie flavors will be listed on the menu, and you can select from traditional options or make your unique combination. The helpful baristas will be delighted to help you choose the ideal smoothie and any extra customizations you require.

Price Range of Dutch Bros Smoothies

Even though most people believe that the prices are excessive, they are rather reasonable given the caliber of the beverage.

Here’s a table summarizing the price ranges for different sizes of a product:

Size Price Range
16 oz $2.50 – $3.50
24 oz $4.00 – $5.00
32 oz $5.50 – $7.50

Please note that the sizes in the table should be adjusted accordingly, as it seems there’s a repetition of 24 ounces.

What are Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Drinks?

Dutch Bros also provides sugar-free choices for anyone watching their sugar consumption. Although they don’t specifically provide sugar-free smoothies, they have various drinks that can be altered to be sugar-free.

You can select unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk as the smoothie’s basis and ask for sugar-free syrups. The trained baristas can help you make a sugar-free beverage that meets your taste preferences.

Popular Dutch Bros Smoothie Combinations
Popular Dutch Bros Smoothie Combinations

Popular Dutch Bros Smoothie Combinations

Customers adore the several popular smoothie combinations that Dutch Bros offers. Some of the favorites are listed below:

Pink Flamingo smoothie:

Strawberry, peach, whipped cream, and white chocolate blend to a fine, delectable consistency to make the Pink Flamingo Smoothie. The rebel version was the inspiration for the Pink Flamingo smoothie, another customer favorite at the shop. The Pink Flamingo smoothie is the ideal pick-me-up if you prefer smoothies but enjoy coffee or have a caffeine intolerance.

Caramel Apple Smoothie:

The green apple smoothie, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle are combined to create this beverage. By including brown sugar, you can alter the beverage. At Dutch Bros, the caramel apple smoothie is one of the most straightforward but delectable options. This autumnal beverage is one of the most popular and well-known beverages in this establishment.

The Hawaiian Smoothie:

The peach and strawberry smoothies from Dutch Bros, two of the most popular smoothies among customers, serve as the foundation for this recipe. The peach and strawberry smoothies are combined to create the Hawaiian Smoothie, which is topped with whipped cream, bananas, and oranges for a delicious flavor combination.


Anyone looking for a flavorful and refreshing burst should consider a Dutch Bros smoothie. Every taste bud can be satisfied by their extensive selection of tastes, which includes traditional selections, blended innovations, and bespoke combinations. Every taste of a Dutch Bros smoothie made to order with premium ingredients is wonderful and satisfying.

Whether you enjoy traditional fruit smoothies or prefer richer concoctions, Dutch Bros offers a smoothie that will have you wanting more. Dutch Bros, with their amazing smoothie range, justify the statement “Dutch Bros Smoothies: A Burst of Flavor in Every Sip.”


Do Dutch Bros smoothies have real fruit?

A: Dutch Bros smoothies contain fruit, giving them a fresh and genuine flavor.

Do Dutch Bros smoothies have caffeine?

A: No, unless you specifically ask for an energy shot as an add-on, Dutch Bros smoothies are devoid of caffeine.

Can Dutch Bros make a strawberry banana smoothie?

A: Absolutely! One of the traditional smoothie flavors provided by Dutch Bros is strawberry banana.

Can you get anything blended at Dutch Bros?

A: Although Dutch Bros is known for their coffee and smoothies, they also provide other blended drinks like milkshakes and freezes.

How much are the smoothies at Dutch Bros?

A: According to their size and customizations, smoothies from Dutch Bros range in price. Small sizes typically cost between $2.50 and $3.50, medium sizes between $4.00 and $5.00, and big sizes cost between $5.50 and $7.00.

Are Dutch Bros smoothies healthy?

A: When consumed in moderation, Dutch Bros smoothies can be a component of a balanced diet. They include vital nutrients and are produced with actual fruit. However, paying attention to portion quantities and any additional components or mix-ins is crucial.

Does Starbucks have smoothies?

A: Yes, Starbucks has a variety of smoothies available on its menu with different tastes and components.

What fruit flavors do Dutch Bros have?

A: For their smoothies, Dutch Bros offers a variety of fruit varieties, including strawberry, banana, mango, peach, and others.

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