Why Is Iced Coffee Illegal in Canada? The Real Truth

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Iced coffee is a refreshing and popular drink all over the world. But, a crazy rumor about iced coffee spread around Canada that iced coffee is illegal to drink in Canada. Are you shocked while getting this news and need clarification? Well! Down to the bottom the page to get more details. 

Is iced coffee really illegal in Canada?

No, iced coffee is legal to drink in Canada. Taylor Jackson spread this rumor on TikTok in 2021. He released a video explaining the story of things that made iced coffee illegal in Canada. In that video, he said that Canada obtained their coffee from Guatemala, Brazil, and Columbia after signing a trade deal of about $30 million with the CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada). 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper (in 2021) decided to call off the deal to save huge money. His decision led to a coffee shortage quickly, and thus iced coffee was banned in Canada. This video went viral and confused Canadians who love iced coffee. Even though this statement is completely false, it creates a huge mishap. 

Luckily, many people do not believe that rumor and enjoy their cold drinks whenever they need refreshments. This incident reminds us of one thing your entire see on social media is not to be true. So, avoid sharing any information without knowing its trustworthiness. It brings lots of controversies later.

The History of Iced Coffee in Canada

Before getting into the topic, let’s clearly understand iced coffee. It is a type of cold coffee beverage made by brewing hot coffee and then cooling it down using ice. It can serve in various ways according to the person’s preferences. For instance, it can serve with milk, sugar, cream, or other flavorings. 

Because of its refreshing taste and convenience, it has become more popular in recent years. It is typically served over ice in a plastic cup or glass. It is often blended with ice cream to create a tasty frozen treat. It is even served as an iced latte made with steamed milk and espresso. Different varieties of iced coffee have been in use throughout the world.

Is iced coffee really illegal in Canada?

  • Different types of the iced coffee

Iced coffee has been in different variations around the world. In Europe and the Middle East, iced coffee resembles Frappuccino. It is a sugary milkshake treat with crushed ice, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a bit of coffee. It is more special and delicious to drink.

The Japanese method of iced coffee is more popular among coffee lovers. It involved brewing hot coffee and pouring it immediately over the ice. This cools the coffee quickly and preserves the brew’s acidity. Additionally, it accentuates the coffee’s floral and fruity tastes. It is one of the easiest methods to prepare a sweeter and lighter flavor of iced coffee. 

Cold brew is another interesting option. It mixes coffee grounds and water and sits the mixture in the fridge for at least 12 hours. It does not need any special machinery to get the iced coffee. A filter, pitcher, some coffee, and water are enough to get the less acidic flavor of the coffee. Anyone can make this coffee at home easily.

  • When did iced coffee introduce in Canada?

In 1878, iced coffee was introduced in Canada and served to people at the Cotton Centennial World’s Fair. Until 1919, it has not become more popular among Canadians. Even though cold espresso is not illegal to consume by Canadian people, it is banned in Quebec.

A provincial law banned all cold drinks served with milk and sugar in 1984. It also includes icing espresso and other cold beverages, such as smoothies and milkshakes, for health reasons. 

People consuming too much sugar regularly affect their health adversely. It is a major fact for the Canadian government banned cold beverages. Many new variations have emerged, and iced coffee again becomes more popular among Canadians. 

  • What is behind the rise of iced coffee?

Even though iced coffee has lagged behind the popularity of consumer drinks such as iced tea and hot coffee in the last few years, it is undoubtedly the best beverage to consume. In the early 2000s, iced coffees were extremely popular among young adults. About 38% of adults consume iced coffee regularly. 

Plenty of factors contribute to the tremendous growth of iced coffee. Initially, it is considered the best alternative to heavily sugary energy drinks. It also renders a more stable boost of energy for consumers. It has become more popular because of its aesthetic among school and college students. 

Almost people of all ages have loved to drink iced coffee over the years. It results in increasing prices. Still, the popularity of iced coffee remains the same. Some people even look for an alternative because of the high price. But people in Canada have a huge craze for iced coffee. 

What Type of Coffee is preferred in Canada?

Coffee is more popular across Canada. Almost 34% of adults drink coffee 1-3 times a week for refreshment. Compared to cold varieties, hot coffee drinks are more popular. However, it may differ from one region to another. Different types of coffee are in use to meet the growing expectations of coffee lovers in Canada.

According to a survey taken in 2019, drip coffee was the most popular type of coffee in Canada because more than 69 percent of the population drank this coffee regularly. Iced coffee is the second favorite. Many Canadians love to drink iced coffee brewed in different methods to enjoy various tastes and flavors. 

Many people feel iced coffee and coffee taste different in Canada than in the U.S. coffee. It is due to the common flavor profile in Canada. Tim Horton’s coffee is darker roast than Starbucks. This makes making iced coffee and coffee milder compared to Starbucks coffee. It also changes the taste. 

Coffee shops like Tim Hortons and Starbucks in Canada use 18% of cream to make delicious coffee. It makes the coffee creamier and impacts the taste heavily. Canada has all the coffee options you have enjoyed throughout the world. So you can enjoy the coffee you want easily. 

How to make iced coffee in Canada?

What Type of Coffee is preferred in Canada?

Iced coffee is not illegal in Canada, and thus Canadians use different ingredients and alter the brewing methods slightly to make their iced coffee. Different brands make delicious coffee in Canada. You can select the coffee from the huge list and enjoy a good flavor in every sip. Here is how Canadians prepare iced coffee.

  • Canadians use hot coffee to make iced coffee instantly. Initially, they prepare the hot coffee using high-quality coffee beans and water/milk/cream as needed.
  • Then, pour the hot coffee into the glass of ice cubes to cool it down. 
  • After a few minutes, iced coffee is ready to serve and drink.

This is not a base method for iced coffee. Canadians follow different styles of preparing iced coffee. They add maple syrup, cream, and milk according to their convenience and taste. 

Crazy Canadian laws for beverages

Coffee lovers may get disappointed upon hearing the rumor that iced coffee is illegal in Canada. Even though there is no prohibition for iced coffee in Canada, there are some crazy Canadian beverage laws. It is mandatory to know about them to avoid law violations. 

  • Mixing pop/soda and alcohol is illegal in Canada
  • Selling liquor on Sunday is illegal
  • Importing over two cases of beer is illegal
  • It is illegal to drink alcohol in the park

Bottom line

As iced coffee being announced as illegal in Canada is a rumor, there is nothing to worry about. You can enjoy iced coffee anywhere in Canada as per your desire. You can even try other alternatives available to get the refreshment feeling of cold beverages, from iced tea and smoothies to cold brew coffee. 


1. Is iced coffee an American thing?

Ans: Iced coffee is a popular drink in the U.S., but there is no clear evidence that it is an American thing. It is a coffee brewed and then cooled to serve cold. It can serve with or without milk and sugar. Many ways exist to make iced coffee. 

2. Is it weird to get iced coffee in the winter?

Ans: Of course, it is not. Drinking iced coffee in the winder is much better than drinking it in the summer. The cold weather maximizes coffee enjoyment. It also helps stay warm on a cold day. It gives instant refreshment for the consumers. 

3. What country has the largest iced coffee?

Ans: South Korea has the largest iced coffee in the world. It also holds the world record for having the largest iced coffee. 

4. Why is iced coffee more expensive?

Ans: Iced coffee is usually cold brewed. The whole process is completely different and takes longer than the brewing method for hot coffee. Additionally, the machinery and labor costs make it more expensive. 

5. Who invented iced coffee?

Ans: French army invented the first iced coffee called Mazagran during the battle of Mazagran. It was a sweet and cold coffee drink.

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