Can You Put MiraLAX in Coffee? Boost Your Nutritional Value

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No one likes the feeling of constipation. One who feels constipated likes to get rid of constipation as soon as possible. The discomfort this state causes to a human will affect their performance. Some medicines are readily available to help you eliminate this problem. You can consume miraLAX to get the perfect bowel movement. Unlike other laxatives, Miralax is not a pill or a tablet; it is a powder you must mix in a liquid before drinking.

Coffee is a drink that many of us drink several times a day. You can take miraLAX with your cup of coffee. But several further queries need to be answered. So, let’s take a more in-depth look to comprehend how this mixture of one natural and one synthetic laxative can do wonders for you.

Can You Add MiraLAX to Coffee?

You can consume miraLAX with any hot or cold beverage; coffee is no exception. You can have your daily dose of MiraLAX with a cup of hot or cold coffee. Coffee often works as a natural laxative. When you add miraLAX to it, the effect gets enhanced, and you will get a faster result. 

What is MiraLAX?

Suppose you are suffering from constipation and turn to medications for help. In that case, you can purchase this over-the-counter (OTC) medicine named MiraLAX. MiraLAX performs the work of an osmotic laxative and is known to offer the person suffering from constipation temporary relief.

Medical professionals mostly recommend this medication for short-term uses. Still, in some cases, depending on the patient’s condition, the physician can suggest the said medicine to treat chronic constipation-related issues. Besides that, a doctor can also prescribe miraLAX for colonoscopy bowel preparation.

After consuming the medicine, the person will start noticing the result within 72 hours. Your bowel movement will improve within the said period. People experiencing two or fewer bowel movements per week should consume this medication. A recent study shows that bowel movements increased to 4.5 every week in such personnel.

What is MiraLAX?

The medicine is available in various flavours. It would be best to mix the powder with your choice of liquid. You can take medicine with coffee, juice, or simply with water. Adding only 4 to 8 ounces to the liquid clears your faecal matter from the intestine. There are two variants available that you can purchase, one is a bottle, and the other one is a single-serve packet. You can buy one at your convenience.

What is MiraLAX and How Does it Work?

Miralax is made up of polyethylene glycol. MiraLAX works as an osmotic laxative. As the term suggests, the primary function of miraLAX is to bring water to the colon. When the water level reaches an adequate amount, the stool gets softened. Under this condition, the colon gets mechanical stimulation, and because of contraction, bowel movements occur. Due to this bowel movement, the stool gets excreted from your body automatically. 

Benefits of Adding MiraLAX to Your Coffee

As you know, Miralax is an over-the-counter medicine that has the approval of the FDA for particular uses. Following is a list of recommended benefits of miraLAX.

  • To Treat Constipation

MiraLAX is a widely suggested medicine for constipation in people aged 17 or older. But recently, doctors have also started recommending miraLAX for babies and teenagers. Usually, you should only consume miraLAX for up to seven days unless and until your doctor prescribes you. Suppose your constipation does not go away within seven days. In that case, the doctor may take a different approach; in this case, the doctor will have to find out the cause of constipation.

  • For Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation

Several doctors strongly recommend patients consume miraLAX before performing colonoscopy bowel preparation. A gastroenterologist usually performs this procedure to clear all the matter stuck in the GI tract of your body. Consuming miraLAX before the process will prepare your bowel for the colonoscopy. Alongside miraLAX, you may need to take other medications before the colonoscopy.

  • To Help People Suffering from IBS

In some cases, it has also been seen that people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, commonly known as IBS, go through constipation. MiraLAX is a common medication that doctors prescribe under these circumstances. Your condition will improve, and with the use of miraLAX other symptoms in your body, such as stomach ache and upset stomach, will be bearable.

  • For Treating Diverticulitis 

People who have to deal with diverticulitis also experience constipation as a symptom. If you are one of them, consult your physician; you can only consume if your doctor prescribes it. There are several other ways to treat diverticulitis, and it solely depends on the patient’s condition.

Benefits of Adding MiraLAX to Your Coffee

How to Prepare a Cup of Coffee with MiraLAX

Coffee in the morning can be a natural laxative, but this is not true for every human being. So, to do that, you can consume miraLAX with your morning cup of coffee. But if you are wondering how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee, read on and find out how.

  • Take the right amount of miraLAX

MiraLAX is available in bottles and packet form. You must add the medicinal powder, which you mix with your hot or cold coffee. You can use the bottle cap or a measuring spoon to take the right amount from the packaging. You will find a 17 gms mark if you take the bottle lid. Fill the bottle cap up to that mark; this is the correct dosage of miraLAX you must take at once. If you buy the packet, there is no need to measure as precisely 17 gms of miraLAX will be there. Only take the dosage; consult your doctor to give miraLAX to someone below 17. 

  • Pour the miraLAX

To dissolve this 17 gms of miraLAX, take at least 120 ml of liquid. But mixing the same amount of miraLAX in 240 ml of liquid, the coffee here, is recommended. You must take 4 to 8 ounces of coffee for the perfect cup with miraLAX. MiraLAX has no added flavour to it, and it is non-gritty. So, you need not worry about losing the taste of your drink. Never mix miraLAX with any alcoholic beverages or syrups and not even with carbonated soda or drinks. These drinks will reduce the compelling nature of miraLAX due to the stirring and bubble formation.

  • Stir and Drink 

It would be best to stir the coffee and miraLAX mixture until no single speck of miraLAX remains in your cup. After mixing it well, drink the entire mixture within 15 minutes of making it, as after the said period, and you will find it challenging to consume. Take miraLAX while your stomach is empty. You can stir the mixture between the sips as it will not let the miraLAX settle at the bottom of the cup.

Tips for Adding the Perfect Amount of MiraLAX to Your Coffee

If you decide to consume miraLAX, you must take an adequate amount to avoid any health-related issues. It would be best to take miraLAX only once a day unless and until your doctor has prescribed you to take it twice. Moreover, you can also have gap days, as skipping one day when you are not facing any difficulties will not hurt you. Although taking it in the morning on an empty stomach is better, taking miraLAX at any given time of day is not harmful.

After taking it for the first time, you can take miraLAX for seven straight days and up to that. Even if you are not getting relief after using the medicine for a week, you must consult the doctor as the miraLAX is known to show results within three days. You can stop using it anytime you want, and you will not experience any adverse effects on your body.

Tips for Adding the Perfect Amount of MiraLAX to Your Coffee

There is no perfect time to consume it as you can take it after a meal, on an empty stomach, during the daytime, or at night. As mentioned earlier, you should take precisely 17 gms of miraLAX simultaneously. When storing, you need to keep the bottle of miraLAX at average room temperature and away from heat and moisture.

The dosage depends on two factors.

  1. Reason for taking miraLAX 
  2. Age of the person taking the medication 

As mentioned earlier, you should take precisely 17 gms of miraLAX simultaneously. When it comes to kids and infants, you should consult a paediatrician to determine the accurate dosage, as the cause of constipation may differ in their bodies. Also, the medicine may not suit the kid or infant.


Now getting rid of constipation is much easier. You can have MIralax with your coffee to deal with constipation. Before you get things rolling, stay home to excrete all the stool stored in your colon after consuming miraLAX.


1. Can you dissolve miraLAX in coffee?

Ans. You can mix miraLAX with both hot and cold beverages. Mixing 17 gms of miraLAX with 4 to 8 ounces of coffee will dissolve perfectly. 

2. What tastes best to mix with miraLAX?

Ans. You can mix miraLaX with almost any hot and cold drink except syrups and carbonated soda, as it reduces the effectiveness of the medicine. MiraLAX tastes best with coffee and sports drinks.

3. Is human miraLAX safe for dogs?

Ans. You can give miraLAX to your dog after consulting with a veterinarian. Suppose your dog is allergic to the drug used in miraLAX. In that case, your pet may develop lethargy, vomiting, and nausea after consuming miraLAX.

4. What are the dangers of miraLAX?

Ans. There are no dangerous adverse effects associated with miraLAX. Still, some people may experience minor side effects such as nausea, bloating, abdominal cramps, and upset stomach.

5. What can you mix with miraLAX to make it taste better?

Ans. Mix almost every hot and cold beverage with miraLAX to make it taste better. But you should avoid mixing miraLAX with syrups and alcoholic drinks as it will not yield the desired result.

6. What is the best drink to mix with miraLAX for kids?

Ans. It would help if you only gave miraLAX to a kid after consulting with a paediatrician. You can mix three tablespoons of miraLAX with 8 ounces of water, milk, or juice to give to your child.

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